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The Law Office of Taryn G. Sinatra, P.A. handles marital and family law matters, exclusively.  Our practice includes divorce, paternity actions, issues surrounding alimony, child support, domestic violence cases, modifications and enforcement of prior judgments and drafting of marital agreements. While we assist client and families in less complex matters, we focus the majority of our practice in high net worth, high asset matters.

At the Law Office of Taryn G. Sinatra, P.A., we understand that for an individual faced with a legal matter, navigating through the legal system can be a daunting and uncertain time. Marital and family matters, in particular, not only involve a wide range of legal issues, but are also highly sensitive matters which can cause emotional strain and stress on an individual and family.

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Since 2009, our firm has set itself apart, by not only having the knowledge and experience to advocate for our clients, but by providing peace of mind as we walk our clients through every step of the process in the family law system.  There is no sugar coating what brings a client to our office; but with honesty and compassion, and by setting realistic expectations, we help our clients understand every aspect of their case while working zealously to obtain the best possible outcome for them.

We are dedicated to strong and effective advocacy to protect our clients and what matters most to them, while always maintaining the highest level of professionalism and integrity. It is always our goal to resolve our client’s family law matters without the need for litigation and intervention by the court, when possible.  Unfortunately, however, litigation is often times unavoidable in family law matters.

Whether our team is facilitating a peaceful resolution, or working through high conflict litigation, we arrive prepared and ready to pursue the challenge ahead to best serve our clients, helping them close that chapter of their life and open another.

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What We Do


You can reach a positive agreement together that is more customized than the one you would receive from a judge.


No matter how it starts, at some point the conversation almost always turns to money.

Child Support

Developing comprehensive child support enforcement strategies to ensure that absent parent pay child support, no matter what.


If you have any issues relating to children, property distribution or claims to alimony, do not complete a divorce without consulting us

Child Custody

Addressing your children’s issues and needs means providing stability in your home after the divorce.

Domestic Violence

For the safety of both you and your children, it is important that you seek help if you are being abused or suspect abuse is taking place.

Property Division

When spouses split, all assets and liabilities must be split too. The big-ticket items like the house, the vehicles, and the retirement accounts. Also known as Equitable Distribution.


Establishing paternity will allow the court to order the absent parent to pay child support and grant custody or visitation rights.

Modifications and Enforcement

Modifications are often necessary after a divorce, as both parties and children encounter unexpected life changes.

What Our Clients Say

Taryn is the Best!

Taryn is by far the best attorney that I have ever worked with. She is professional, honest and straight forward. She makes you feel that you are important and never a bother. She us always there to answer any questions and she tells you the truth not just what you want to hear. I would highly recommend Taryn, and have to anyone needing a Family Lawyer!


I would highly recommend Taryn Sinatra. She is a professional and truly cares about representing her clients as well as achieving the best outcome possible. She explains the law effortlessly and is prompt in her updates on the case. I hired Taryn in a child custody case and have felt nothing but confidence in her skills as a lawyer and as a caring individual for the unfortunate dividing of families.

Best Version of ``Fair``

Taryn has guided me through a divorce and child custody case during a rough time in life to begin with. She knows the laws and the rules and ensures that the goal has those in mind. The best interest of all parties involved is one of her ethos. I would never recommend anyone else for any family law matters, Taryn- you rock!

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Served Divorce Papers?

Maybe you didn’t see it coming. But there you are. A process server found you. Sure, things have not been great at home. But the last thing you expected was to see your name as the Respondent in a divorce lawsuit. Now what? You’ve got several things to worry about… Responding to the accusations in

Served Divorce Papers?

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