There are so many lawyers in Palm Beach that I chose one at random. I am SO thankful I ended up with Ms. Sinatra. From the first time, I called her office to the meetings with her to my court date, I always felt supported and cared for by she and her amazing staff. This is probably rare with lawyers, but I honestly felt like she was 100% on my side, and I never worried about the outcome of my case

Francine Brown
I spoke to several lawyers in Delray before i decided to go with Taryn. She was very knowledgeable and took time out to explain the details. Despite having a very busy schedule, she would always find time to respond to my requests and concerns. A few of my close friends have had experiences where the lawyers change their attitude completely after they receive the payment, Taryn was definitely not that way. She carefully reviewed and analyzed all evidences with me. The opposing party had no choice but to withdraw their case. My experience working with Taryn was very good and i would highly recommend her.

Tamara E. Thacker
These ladies were a tremendous help recently in a Modification Hearing and another issue regarding my divorce and child custody in Palm Beach County. Taryn and her team are very knowledgeable regarding Family Law which put the opposing party at a great disadvantage. Their preparation and dedication to me as a client set us up for a favorable outcome for not only me but favorable for the children above all. While this will be a long road I'm grateful for their expert advice and council while moving forward. I look forward to working with them in the future.

George M. Murdock

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